(1) Shiatsu Treatment

shiatsu treatment
Shiatsu would works for any kind of the chronic diseases including the mental stress,etc. Unfortunately, many people seems to misunderstanding about shiatsu treatment that shiatsu is storong and painful. I could give you a gentle and a comfotable shiatsu so taht you would feel much defferences with other ordinal shiatsu.

○The treatment fee : 5,000 yen for 50 minutes.
○The house call treatment : 10,000 yen plus the trasportation charge.
○Busines hour : from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday through Friday only)
○Reservation only.

(2) Shiatsu Courses

shiasu courses
<Characteristics of Shiatsu Therapy>

1. Immediate dagnosis
2. No medicines or mechanical devices needed
3. No unpleasant sensations or secondary effects
4. Suitable to all age groups
5. Sense of mutual trust and reliance
6. Total treatment

<Why Shiatsu Cures>

Shiatsu stries to cure ailments and prevent their recurrence and the development of other ailments. Pressure applied by the hands on certain points of the skin stimulates the body's natural recuperative powers and removes fatigue by causing the diffusion of the lactic acid and carbon dioxide that accumulate among the tissues to cause muscular stiffness and stagnation ofthe blood.

These accumulations of fatigue-causing materials apply abnormal pressure on the neves, blood, and lymph vessels. This causes irregular internal secretions and peculiarities in the skeletal system and internal organs. By diffusing fatigue-causing accumlations, shiatsu pressure restores flexibility to the muscle tissues and relieives pain-producing symptoms.

<Shiatsu Courses>

shiatsu courses
There are two courses, the basic and the intermediate which takes 10 lessons each. After the intermediate course, you could get a certificate. Basically those courses offer you privately so that you could study more deeply and easily. Also you could recieve a comfortable short time shiatsu treatment at the end of each lesson.

◇Terms of the course : 10 lessons which takes one hour each lsson, for both courses.
◇Time and day : Any time so that you could choose your convenient time and day.
◇The tuition fee : We are offering the discount price now which is 45,000 yen instead of the regular price, 60,000 yen.
◇The text book : CD(1,000 yen)、DVD(2,000 yen)
◇Busines hour : from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday through Friday)
◇Reservatin only.


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