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Kimura Shiatsu Institute: Tokyo Japan

§Having a treatment of shiatsu makes you healthy. Learning shiatsu makes people happy !

Practicing the side position of Shiatsu.
Shiatsu was originated in Japan and has been developing as a wonderful healing art to cure not only the physical but also the mental problems.

Recently, Shiatsu has been getting popular in many countries year by year. Shiatsu really makes your body and mind healthy and happy !!

Why not enjoy an excellent Shiatsu treatment and a joyful Shiatsu courses at your convenient time. 

Shiatsu Course: Offering the special price now, but it would be closed in the near future without notice!

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◇Recommendation on 『Metropolis』

by Steve Trautlein


Many Westerners come to Japan with the intention of laying their hands on the locals.

In 2011, make it worth everyone's while by learning Shiatsu.
Unlike Western-style massage, which uses broad strokes and vigorous kneading, Shiatsu (literally"finger pressure") aims to restore the proper flow of chi (vital energy) by applying force or motion to pressure points known as tsubo.

The Kimura Shiatsu Institute in Shinjuku offers two English-language courses. Run by Susumu Kimura, a licensed Shiatsu practitioner for over 35 years, both courses cover 10 lessons and give students all the hands-on-experience they need to get the chi flowing, the intermediate level even leads to a certificate.

Intensive courses, trial lessons, group discounts and meditation instruction are all available. See the English web site for more info.

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Can I study Shiatsu without any problems since I am a beginner to Shiatsu?

Of course,you do not need to worry about studying Shiatsu since you can get a course by the private lesson.

I heard that Shiatsu treatment is a strong and painful. Is that true?

No, of course not. A real Shiatsu treatment is not painful yet. It is a really comfortable so that you would fall a sleep on the way of a treatment.

I really hope that you could enjoy a wonderful Shiatsu treatment and a useful Shiatsu courses here !



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